The Latest MVP Features Requested By Our Great Customers!

MVP has added some great new features that make it even faster. . .

Swipe Features - You may now use a finger swipe as an option to go between screens or to delete products from your takeoff. 

Reverse Plan Feature - MVP's new reverse plan feature allows you to import existing jobs and plan takeoffs and flip them to reverse all of the door swings. This is a great feature to use when selling volume builders who build the same plans multiple times.

New Copy Feature - Now you can copy existing jobs and plan numbers to a new address and edit the quantities. This is great to use with builders that use the same product lists in all their homes.

Master Edit Feature - This is a great feature that helps with customer changes and up-selling. Now you can pick a product or door component that needs to be changed and MVP will automatically change that same product throughout the entire take-off. Example: The customer decides to change the door style on the job from HC Cheyenne to HC Roman. This can now be done with only one entry.

Piece Count Calculator for Trim Take-Off - MVP now has a trim calculator that allows you to select the lengths and quantities you need and auto enters the total lineal footage for you.

Notes for Individual Trim Products - Now you can add a note to an individual trim item. This is useful to communicate to the warehouse important information such as "Need at least 4/12' or longer pieces." 

Automatic Job Address Set-Up for Fill-In Orders - MVP will now automatically generate a new address with a - 1, -2, -3 etc. at the end of the address requiring a fill-in order. This makes it easy to see and quantify your fill-in or short orders.

Consolidated Reports - MVP now has the ability to email multiple reports at one time.  If you do a door and trim takeoff you no longer have to send two individual emails.  MVP will consolidate the graphic reports into one email if you choose.

Search Feature - MVP now lets you search for a job address rather than scroll to the job address you want to work in.  This search feature will also be expanded to all areas of MVP in a future update.

Pricing in office back to MVP - If you choose to price in the office and not in MVP.  You can now price the takeoff in the administrative software and send it back to MVP for the sales person to present to the customer.  Once the customer gives you approval on the quote you can resubmit the quote to the office as an order.

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